How to extend the life of your farm fresh flowers

Flower Care Information


It's important to note that some flowers typically last for 3-4 days while others can thrive for close to 10 days if not more. 

Below is some general care information to help you get the most life out of your fresh cut flowers!

1. Sterilize your vase or jar 
Do this before every use as bacteria and fungus in your vase are one of the main reasons for early decline of fresh cut flowers. 
2. Trim you stems
I recommend pulling your flowers out and giving the ends a snip every two or three days. The end will tend to become calloused or clogged and trimming will open up the end of the stem and allow them to drink the fresh water.
3. Remove greenery 
Please do this! You want to keep all foliage out of the water. It introduces bacteria, mucks up the water and clogs your stems. Be sure to strip away any and all greenery that is going to be below the water line.
4. Fresh Water

If you can give your blooms fresh water every day trust me they will thank you! Obviously we are all human and that does not happen every single day but the more that you can the longer vase life you will get.

5. Avoid Sunlight and Fresh Fruit
Finally, try to keep your flower out of direct sunlight and away from fresh fruit. The fruit release ethylene which causes your flowers to age more quickly. 


Check out a quick at home flower food recipe you can use as well.


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