About Us


First Earth Farm is a small family farm located about 60 miles south of Fort Worth in the agricultural community of Bluff Dale, TX. The farm business is managed and owned by 35 year old Larry Goodson who has gratefully gained land access and leases 17 acres of fertile farmland on the banks of the Paluxy River from his family.

Larry lives on the farm and under the farm business has a passion for home steading and self- sustainability. With a background in horticulture, landscape design, irrigation, and hobby farming/ gardening from a young age the crossover to agriculture was natural.

At First Earth Farm we are a Christian owned company with a belief system that is based on being good stewards of the land. Through regenerative practices like rotational grazing of livestock and cover cropping we try to put organic matter and nutrients back into the soil. With that we produce the freshest, most nutritional, and best tasting food to market to our community.

2022 is expecting to be a great year of growth for us as we are scaling up production of our fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, and value- added products to bring to the tables of our friends and customers in the Fort Worth area. All while using the same practices and techniques that have made our products some of the best available.

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